Plitvice Lakes, a Wonder of Nature

Time does not run, time stands still.

Time is a constant, and we are variable. We’re trying to move through the time and in it we try to make our mark, testimony to our existence… a record. I try to leave my record in the light, my record with light, my light print, as a small, modest sign, a reminder that I’m here on this our “blue crumb”. From the moment that one night in the year of our Lord 1965, in Zagreb I began my movement through time in this life, in this dimension, I feel an immense love of writing with light, and I soon became aware of it. Surrounded by my writings in the light I feel that I’m complete, I’m happy… I live. From the moment I became aware of all my past and future lives, trying with light print to open a little the door… doors of knowledge of the existence of countless dimensions that we need and that we will get to know in our movement through time. „Plitvice Lakes, a Wonder of Nature“ weiterlesen