Plitvice Lakes, a Wonder of Nature


Time does not run, time stands still.

Time is a constant, and we are variable. We’re trying to move through the time and in it we try to make our mark, testimony to our existence… a record. I try to leave my record in the light, my record with light, my light print, as a small, modest sign, a reminder that I’m here on this our “blue crumb”. From the moment that one night in the year of our Lord 1965, in Zagreb I began my movement through time in this life, in this dimension, I feel an immense love of writing with light, and I soon became aware of it. Surrounded by my writings in the light I feel that I’m complete, I’m happy… I live. From the moment I became aware of all my past and future lives, trying with light print to open a little the door… doors of knowledge of the existence of countless dimensions that we need and that we will get to know in our movement through time.

I did not stray… I arrived in paradise… I live in my lives in paradise… at Plitvice Lakes… and now I write down with the light that I will forever stay here at the Plitvice Lakes in all my lives and in all dimensions. I love my photographs to show to all good souls, the beauty of existence in this beautiful nature and so far, in the last three years, I have participated in 50 tendering photo salons in 26 countries around the world and I received a lot of nice prizes and awards, and I was awarded with the honorary title by the International Federation of Photographic Art EFIAP distinction – Excellence Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique.

Currently I’m working on my project TEARS OF THE QUEEN PLITVICE, on the documentary-lyrical narrative of the Plitvice Lakes, as I experience them, how I love them… how I actually live them. The project was designed and will be realized in full 3D HD technology photos and videos. I will be glad if this, with my photographs ajar door, to all of you, to all good souls, beautify your lives.”

As you can see this part of the curriculum is different from those to which we are accustomed, because Rade is different, unconventional, but also a great expert in photography and the Plitvice Lakes. That this is a great com-bination proves his images of paradise in which he lives that he presents to the world.

Attention please!

You are entering  now The Kingdom of the Quinn of Plitvice lakes !

When the Night is downing over the Waterfalls of the last of sixteen Lakes


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