Plitvice Lakes – Timeless Genesis – Trailer final

Once upon a time, many thousands of Years ago…

Hier geht es zum Film auf Youtube

Here is the short Introduction trailer of Genesis of Kingdom of the Black Quin of the Black Quinn of Plitvice Lakes, made and told by photographer and artist Lucija and Rade  Jug, living down by the Lakes, with Plitvice Lakes in their Souls and their Hearts.

Presented with Love for everyone Lover of the Natur and exotic Landscapes: Plitvice Lakes the only Ones trough the Lenses of Artist and absolutely insider.  6 Documentary films  every rdb 45 Minutes shall follow, about Plitvice in Spring, Plitvice in Summer, Plitvice Indiansummer, Animals and Plants of the Nationalpark and first Natur Eritage  on the List of the UNESCO.

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